Bridging the Gap to Data Insight

Abridge Info Systems brings raw data to life by ushering companies into the new era of BI. Traditional BI solutions are cumbersome, expensive and limited in scope. To remain competitive, modern businesses need to engage with their data in real-time. We specialize in next generation analytics and reporting services that are simple, fast and balanced. Simply put, we give you the tools you need to succeed.


The information needed to run an effective business is in the data. Can you see it? Make the invisible visible.


Do you have confidence in your knowledge? Are you getting the right information? We can help.

Getting Lean

Are you running a tight ship? Need to tighten up the belt? Optimization is just a few clicks away.


We know how you feel. We’re implementing tools and strategies to empower users and simplify administration.

What We Offer

Abridge Info Systems provides Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services that deliver visibility, insight and tangible results. With our vast experience in the IT services industry and our willingness to listen to client feedback, we are better able to understand the needs of our customers and give them the best return on investment in the shortest time frame.

Cloud BI offering

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