A Bridge to Success

Abridge Info Systems prides itself on being the experts in Business Intelligence space. Started by highly experienced IT veterans and based in Greater Boston, we are dedicated to helping businesses make the most of their data by moving beyond the traditional BI paradigm. With decades of experience in Data Warehousing andBusiness Intelligence, we design, implement and optimize state of the art data acquisition strategies and ETL solutions with measurable goals in mind.

How We Think

Turning business information into business action with insight, integrity and consistency.
We believe that every business can and should employ innovative data management strategies to increase productivity, empower users and improve the customer experience.
To provide you with a personalized data solution for your unique business needs and enable your company to take data-informed action, overcome obstacles and succeed in your business area.
Whether you are a Fortune 500 or a mom and pop shop, we will assess your needs, evaluate your infrastructure and develop a customized project plan that leverages our experience to meet your specific goals.

What We Know

Enterprise Application Development 90
Big Data Technologies 95
BI and Visual Analytics 75
Database and Data Integration Analyst 84